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As the founder of JALI, Lisa was driven by an unwavering commitment to safeguarding the welfare of children, nurturing the potential of adolescents, and advocating for improved mental health for all. With years of dedicated work in this critical field, her passion for creating safe, nurturing environments for children and adolescents has been the cornerstone of JALI’s mission.

Healing Hearts, Inspiring Minds, Enriching Lives.

“Jali,” derived from the Swahili term for “Care,” embodies our foundational ethos. Driven by the principles of ‘care-ethics’ and its profound impact on fostering peace and development, our initiative is dedicated to preventing both direct and structural violence that affects the well-being of children, adolescent girls, and boys. Through a dynamic process of inclusive dialogue, we cultivate moral values, skills, and competencies that not only underpin positive peace but also nurture a pervasive culture of peace.

“Brand Her Story” is a special initiative aimed at promoting and empowering women-owned businesses in Tanzania. We invite participants to share their inspirational stories behind their entrepreneurial ventures. Whether it’s a small-scale enterprise, a social impact project, or an innovative startup, we want to highlight the stories that drive these ventures forward.

In return, selected participants will receive a comprehensive branding package tailored to their business needs.